Installation / Upgrade
kbIcon What Firewall ports are needed for the various Centrify DirectAudit components?
This article describes the minimal firewall port requirements to help ensure functional communication between DirectAudit components within the environment.

docIcon Installing DirectManage Audit
This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to install DirectManage Audit in a production environment. In production environments, you should use a different computer for each component. For example, you should install the collector on its own computer separate from the computer used for the audit store database, and on a separate computer from the audit management database.

docIcon Upgrading the audit infrastructure
This section of the Centrify Upgrade and Compatibility guide walks through the recommended steps for upgrading auditing-related components to ensure you can continue auditing activity throughout the upgrade process. Keep in mind that upgrading the auditing infrastructure might require updates to the existing database, but, in most cases, should not require any computers to be shutdown or restarted to complete the upgrade.