Application Configuration
Rollout and Grow with Centrify
Welcome to Centrify Identity Service!
Congratulations! You have taken the first step to protecting your organization from the leading point of attack used in data breaches - compromised user credentials. Centrify Identity Service not only protects your organization, but also enables your end users to easily access their business applications.

This site is designed both to help you with technical implementation, and equally to provide best practices to rollout the Centrify service successfully to your end users. It is set up to walk you through five segments. An initial introduction, followed by project planning. Once the planning is complete, you can begin work on the technical implementation segment, and configure your applications as you wish. The final and most important stage is rolling out the service to your end users.

To enable a successful rollout, we have provided a number of resources you can leverage to ensure a seamless experience for your company’s employees.

Before you get started, please identify the current stage of your implementation, from one of the stages listed in the table below. After you have identified the implementation stage, please review the Planning section and then go to the approriate topic in the Implementation section.

Technical Implementation Stages
New Customer If you are a new user without a Centrify account or test tenant, please start by registering a cloud tenant in the Implementation section.
Tenant Registered If your organization has an evaluation under way or a test tenant set up, you can start using that tenant as your production tenant.
Ready for End User Rollout If you have Centrify Identity Service set up and ready to be rolled-out to your end users, please go to the Rollout and Grow with Centrify section for guidance on how to socialize the transition within your organization, and with partners or customers.