Application Configuration
Rollout and Grow with Centrify
Identify Key Team Members
The first step in the Planning phase is to ensure that you have the right team members participating in your project to implement and deploy the Centrify service. Each role within the project team has a unique set of responsibilities and it is important to establish the roles at the start of the project and to educate and align all team members appropriately. If you are the only resource working on the project within your company, these are the different hats you will have to wear for a successful end-to-end deployment.
Roles Function
Project Sponsor The executive sponsor ensures that the project is sufficiently resourced and is in charge of the strategic direction of the overall deployment.
Project Manager The project manager is the primary point of contact to ensure that the stakeholders in the deployment project stick to timelines and that the rollout progresses as planned. The project manager balances the organization’s requirements against the internal and external deliverables, to ensure on-time delivery.
IT Administrators/ System Engineers IT resources work on the technical implementation of Centrify.
Support Desk Manager The lead support resource should be trained on Centrify to ensure that your company’s support team is ready to support your end users as the service is rolled out, and beyond.
Marketing Manager The Marketing Manager is responsible for the internal messaging and marketing of the Centrify service, especially at the time of service launch. The marketing manager is instrumental in driving the successful adoption of the service through clear and consistent messaging to end users. Centrify assists the Marketing Manager by providing a Release Toolkit that aids in service release and adoption.
Champions Identify champions from each group in your company (if possible) and give them an introduction to Centrify and how it will function in the context of their groups, with specific applications or use cases. These champions will help get the word out to their team members, and also make the end users feel comfortable with the upcoming change. You can also use these champions as testing resources, and involve them in the rollout at the early stages.