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how to migrate databases associated with a Centrify DirectManage Audit 3.x installation

11 April,19 at 11:51 AM

A DirectManage Audit 3.x installation typically creates and deals with two types of databases i.e. an Audit Server database (also known as the Management database) and Audit Store database. The Audit Server database stores DirectManage Audit 3.x application specific settings whereas the Audit Store database is used to store the actual audited user sessions. A typical DirectManage Audit 3.x installation consists of one Audit Server database and one or more Audit Store database(s).


In a nutshell, here are the steps involved when migrating database from one database server to another:


Step 1  - Stop all the collectors


Step 2  - Take backup of existing databases (optional but recommended)


Step 3 -  Detach the existing databases and attach them to the new database server


Step 4  -  Ensure that CLR integration is enabled on the new database server and login for NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM exists on the server


Step 5  -  Restore the TRUSTWORTHY flag and owner of the database


Step 6  - Modify the newly attached Audit Server database


Step 7 -  Restoring connection between Audit Server database and Audit Store database


Step 8  -  Update the database entries in Active Directory


Step 9  -  Start all the collectors


Attached document explains in details each step above should be taken in case if database migration is inevitable in order to keep the impact on the DirectManage Audit system as minimal as possible.