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Why do we need training if we've already deployed Centrify?

11 April,19 at 11:49 AM

“We have Centrify working in our environment, so why do we need training?” This was a question posed to one of my students in a recent class.  As I’m writing an article devoted to the value this student received, it would be beneficial to put things into context.


The company has had Centrify software for about 3 years. During the initial deployment they had our Professional Services design and deploy a small number of servers in their environment.  That was a smart move on their part, and allowed them to have a well-managed foundation. Yet  the company shelved the project for another six months before integrating Centrify software across all their systems.  I’m not sure about you, but I forget a lot of things in six months.


Over the next two and a half years, they had changes in IT, losing even more knowledge of the Centrify project.  While they had a good foundation, a lot of key principles lost over time.  The real problem was that they were making it difficult to administer roles and rights of their users. They allowed the student to attend a Centrify public training session in hopes that their problems could be solved.


As we are covering the materials, the student would ask questions. These were usually in reference to a problem they had experienced. The questions were great, and created classroom chemistry. The students started discussing something they had seen or even came up with ideas based on what we had covered thus far. I’ve always encouraged my students to actively take part in class. This also allows me to assess how much information they keep throughout the course.


On the last day, the student approached me with questions directly about their environment. As we sat there looking through their structure, the student started to explain what problems they were having; then, they started to explain how to fix the problem. We talked about why the problem existed, how to make it better, and steps to correct things in the future. Notice though, I said THEY explained how to fix it. The success lies in the training, it covered everything they needed, and when they started to talk about it, they discovered that they knew exactly what to do!


They still found ways to improve their environment through training, though they had been working with our products for years. This is, in no small part, a testament to the four days of training, structure of the course, and an instructor that cares for students. The student was able to return to their company, confident that training had improved their knowledge. This directly translates to reduced operating costs and a great return on investment for the company.


When it comes to Centrify, we all work together to make a customer successful. It doesn’t just stop when you buy the software. Throughout all stages, even in training, we’re focused on making YOU successful.