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Why I love training

11 April,19 at 11:49 AM

Hi, I’m Mark Christian, the Training Specialist for Centrify. My job is straightforward; I develop training materials and programs for the Professional Services group and our loyal customers.


I’d like to begin my series of blogs with a little insight as to why I love training. I don’t say this with any sales pitch attached, and I’m not saying this because my boss can read these posts. I really do have a passion for my field. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing people during my career, and I look forward to meeting many more. I’ve tried to live by a motto, “You can learn something from everyone you meet.” It doesn’t mean that what you learned is inherently good, nor is it always bad; it’s the way you view the experience. In that same manner, a good training program continues to grow based on experience, good and bad alike. Students from all over the world have shown me different ways to help them absorb the materials presented. It’s not always positive feedback, but that means I learn a new way to help the next student. This is where the passion really starts to kick in. I love finding ways to help my students become valuable members to their organization. I’ve been in jobs where some people did not have training for their job responsibilities. The result was usually the same, they were not productive, they became unsatisfied in their job, and they usually left the company. Then the process repeats. I’m not saying that the people were unqualified or unintelligent, but many organizations have their own processes and ways of doing business.


When I’m able to help someone become more productive, I’m helping them find satisfaction. I’m playing a part in making a company more successful and productive, and that gives me satisfaction of a job well done.


It’s this passion that drives me to find better ways of teaching. I want my students to become successful, ultimately helping our loyal customers to be successful as well.