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[Video] - How to: Respond to a (CPS) Resource (i.e. Server, Router, etc) Workflow Access Request?

11 April,19 at 11:49 AM

There are no special privileges required to respond to requests. Anyone with access to the Centrify privilege service can be designated as an approver. If you have been designated as an approver for login and password checkout requests, you will receive email notification when others request access. You can click the View Request link in the email to view the request details. If you are authorized to approve the request and the request is still pending a response, the Request Details displays the options to Approve or Reject the request.


  • Click 'Approve' to approve the request by granting permanent or temporary permission and specify a grant duration time in minutes, hours, or days. If you click Submit to continue with the approval, the request details are updated with the date and time the request was resolved and the approved status.
  • Click Reject to reject the request and type the reason you are rejecting the request. If you click Submit to continue with the rejection, the request details are updated with the reason the request was rejected, the date and time the request was resolved, and the rejected status. After you respond to the request, the Requests tab is also updated with the latest activity and email is sent to the requester as notification of your response to the request.

Link to the Video: