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[Video] Centrify Privilege Service: How to Configure Privilege Service Workflow

11 April,19 at 11:49 AM

How to: Configure Workflow for a Centrify Privilege Service (CPS) Resource (i.e. Server, Router, etc)?


By default, the user who initially has access to a CPS resource is the user who creates it. The user who creates the resource becomes the owner. Users who don't have access to a resource can submit a request to a designated approver who has the authority to grant or deny them access.


Resource owners can enable a 'request and approval' work flow for specific accounts stored in the

Centrify privilege service. By enabling a work flow, users can request access to the privileged accounts you specify and, if their request is approved, check out the account password or use the account to log on remotely.


You can also explicitly prevent an account from being available for access requests. For

example, you might configure a 'request and approval' work flow for all accounts, then

identify a few accounts which do not allow access requests.


To enable work flow for a specific account:


1 From the list of Accounts, select the account for which you want to review password


2 From the account details, click Workflow.

3 Select Yes.

4 Search for and select an appropriate user, group, or role to approve requests, then click


5 Click Save