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Understanding ADINFO Output

11 April,19 at 11:50 AM

Understanding adinfo output


[james@engcen6 ~]$ adinfo

Local host name:   engcen6 -->This is the hostname of the server

Joined to domain:  james.vms --> This is the current domain the server is joined to

Joined as:         engcen6.james.vms --> This is the FQDN of the joined server

Pre-win2K name:    engcen6 --> This is the netbios name

Current DC:        dc.james.vms --> This will state the current domain controller you are connected to

Preferred site:    Default-First-Site-Name --> This is the Site the computer is sitting in.

Zone:              james.vms/Centrify/Zones/Global/Unix --> This is the zone the server is joined to

CentrifyDC mode:   connected --> This tells you if the Centrify agent is connected or disconnected from AD.

Licensed Features: Enabled --> States if a server license is used


The CentrifyDC mode is a great status to check on. You can write scripts to output the information and monitor on this. Some information on statuses that might accrue when running adinfo


CentrifyDC mode = connected --> Good

CentrifyDC mode = disconnected --> Centrify agent isn’t talking to the domain

Current DC = a domain controller --> Good

Current DC - --> Centrify agent is having a problem talking to a domain controller