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Training is more than slides

11 April,19 at 11:49 AM

There are many learning styles among individuals; some people like to watch and listen, some people need to write notes, and others gain value by practical application and hands on. None of these are wrong; in fact, a great way to learn is being able to incorporate all of these pieces.

But, there are many training programs available in the market that do not focus on ensuring the individual gains the greatest value from the class. I’m not saying that all training programs are flawed; there are some great programs available. What I do want to emphasize is that we provide maximum benefit to our students when they take a Centrify training course.

How do we accomplish this task? First, the students are provided a training guide when they attend a session. This is a physical document that the students can write in, take back to work, and use as a reference for later. Next, we use lecture notes and presentations that the student also receives a copy of at the end of training. Finally, for all students attending live training sessions, we provide virtual machines and lab exercises.

With these pieces, we appeal to the widest variety of students possible. In addition, classes are limited to 10 students; meaning that students get real interaction with the instructor. The presentation materials are lively and will not bore you with bullet point reading from a screen. And the virtual machines, students get hands on practice with the topics we cover.

Speaking of virtual machines, they require very high-end machines to run our lab environments. Not everyone has access to a 64bit quad core system with 8GB of RAM and 80GB of hard drive space. This is where Centrify really utilizes technology to help students. We’ve been using laptops, sent to training sites, but these come with drawbacks. When you consider the cost of shipping, setup and teardown, and maintenance, the price really climbs quickly.

Exciting news though; for the first time, in our public training class, this November, we are going to use cloud systems to handle our training labs. I am very excited to test this solution, as I’m sure many of our students will be as well. This technology will allow nearly any student to use the training environment, without the necessity of high-end machines! If these tests go well, we can use this to present even more options for students wishing to take training.

Make sure to follow these blogs, I’ll be updating them regularly and sharing more great information with you. Also, don’t forget to check our website for upcoming public training classes. Spaces are limited, but value is boundless.