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KB-9723: TCP Relay Upgrade for Pod 20

31 January,18 at 07:52 PM

Applies to: Centrify Identity Service, Centrify Privilege Service
Why is Pod 20 being upgraded and what action must be taken by customers with a tenant on Pod 20?
Pod 20 will be updated to use TCP Relay to allow for the latest automation and increased performance.  This requires the TCP Relays for the pod to be moved to new IP addresses.  Only customers who utilize outbound web proxy/firewalls will need to whitelist.  If an IP range was previously whitelisted for the Azure servicebus, whitelisting the new ranges below is also required.  If the new range is not whitelisted, the connector will go offline after the upgrade.

Once customers have whitelisted these additional IP ranges, the upgrade will be planned.  Once the upgrade is completed, this new range will remain static so any future changes will not require any customer interaction when upgrades are performed.  Also, after the upgrade, any other IP ranges related to Microsoft Azure that were previously whitelisted can be removed.

Please note:  This upgrade requires a connector version of 17.7 or higher.  Centrify supports the current connector release version and two versions back (see  At the time of publishing this article, the current version was 18.1. 


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