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My latest Eval Setup videos for the newly released Centrify Infrastructure Services 2018.

11 April,19 at 11:51 AM

I have many remote customers performing evaluations who cannot use any type of screen sharing tools like Web-ex.  Therefore I have created a series of Evaluation Videos where I demonstrate step-by-step instructions for them to install and configure the Centrify software, and I’ve placed these videos on YouTube.  Below are my latest videos for the newly released Centrify Infrastructure Services 2018.


  • Pre-Install Setup
    • This 4 minute video shows the requirements and setup that needs to occur prior to an evaluation of Centrify Infrastructure Services, including the setup of the required Centrify OU in Active directory.


  • Initial Centrify Install and Configuration
    • This video shows the initial installation of Centrify Infrastructure Services, for Identity & Privilege.
    • It also covers the basic configuration of Centrify Zones for a simple evaluation, as well as the setup of a test user. 


  • Centrify Linux Agent
    • This video shows the installation of Centrify Linux agents, using multiple methods: Using the Centrify Deployment Manager as well as installing manually.
    • Addendum Video: Self Join option:  This video shows joining the Centrify agent with the Self Join option, after the Linux Computer object was Pre-Created in AD (perhaps by someone else).


  • Advanced Linux Configuration, Part 1
    • This video shows some advanced configurations of the Linux agent:  Rights, Roles, RBAC, Privilege Management / dzdo, computer roles, Kerberos SSO with PuTTY.
    • It includes an example Use Case of a top level Linux Admin who needs to run any command with root privileges, on every Linux machine.
    • It includes an example Use Case of an Apache Admin who needs to runs specific Apache commands with privilege, and only on Apache machines.
    • It also covers the configuration of Centrify policies to prevent password based logins.


  • Centrify Mac Agent
    • This video shows the installation of a Centrify Mac agent, for AD Bridging and Privilege Management, along with enabling smart card login.


  • Centrify Windows Agent
    • This video shows the installation and configuration of the Centrify Agent For Windows, using Privilege Management Services with Centrify Infrastructure Services. 
    • It also includes setting up sample windows Rights and Roles for Privilege Management, and includes the use case of someone raising their privilege in order to run a specific application as a local Admin.