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Many Ways to Install Centrify Linux Agent

11 April,19 at 11:50 AM

One of the great things about Centrify’s approach to deploying agents is that Centrify provides multiple options to install the agent onto a Linux or UNIX computer. While enterprises are welcome to use popular software deployment tools such as Chef, Puppet, and Ansible to deploy Centrify agents, Centrify intrinsically offers great flexibility to deploy agents as well. Let’s take a quick look at some of the different ways to do this. Additional documentation can always be found at


Use the Centrify Deployment Manager:

1. Launch the Deployment Manager



2. On the “Deployment” tab (default), run Step 1: Build Computer List by selecting the “Add Computers …” button

3. Multiple options exist, just choose one, i.e. “Discover computers from the network” For this example we will select “Add a single computer:” Alternatively, you can choose to "Discover computers in the range of IP address:"  or do a bulk import with "Import as computer list from a text file:". Insert the target subnet, computer IP, or starting and ending IP range, or upload the formatted text file. 


4. Once computer(s) are found, select and click “Next”.

5. You will need to provide account information for a user that has either root or sudoers permissions. This is to gather details of the computer such as OS, users, groups, and to push software to the machines. Click “Next”.


6. Click “Authenticate using password”, and provide a valid password.

7. Check the box “Apply the same account to other computers”. Once you click “Next”, keep the checkbox for any other systems and click “Next” again, then click “Finish”

8. In Deployment Manager, run Step 2: Download Centrify software. If the Centrify-Suite-20**-agents-DM file isn’t on the local server, download it or mount it from a remote server. Browse to the directory with the Centrify Agents mount, expand the drive and look for “Support Utilities”. Click “Next”.


9. Verify packages to be installed, click “Finish”.

10. On the “Deployment” tab, run Step 3: Analyze. Your computers should be in the “Computers Not Analyzed” section. Click the “Analyze” button.

11. Enter the Active Directory domain name, and press the “OK” button. Your computers should now be in the “Ready to install with warnings” or “Ready to install” category.

12. On the Deployment tab, run Step 4: Deploy Centrify Software.



Linux Package Agent Install

  1. Verify system is ready to deploy to your domain with the adcheck utility. “adcheck” is a Centrify tool to verify the pre-requisites to join an Active Directory domain. It performs space, compatibility, network, DNS and directory checks. Input the password if prompted by the sudo utility.

     $ sudo /usr/share/centrifydc/bin/adcheck domain


  1. Install Centrify DirectControl (CentrifyDC or adclient) with any of these options:

     Option 1: Use YUM repository to install CentrifyDC:


         $ sudo yum -y install CentrifyDC 


    Option 2: Install the client using the local file (with yum or rpm):

        $ sudo rpm –ivh






  1. Join the domain with the adjoin utility:

       $ sudo adjoin -u username> -V domain> --zone zone>


  1. Install the Agent Interactively:

The Centrify agent installation script,, automatically checks the operating system, disk space, DNS resolution, network connectivity, and other requirements on a target computer before installing. You can run this script interactively on any supported UNIX, Linux, or Mac OS X computer and respond to the prompts displayed.


To install Centrify software packages on a computer interactively:

  1. Log on as root user if you are installing on a Linux or UNIX computer. If you are installing on Mac OS X, you can log on with any valid user account. On Mac OS X computers, you can install interactively using the graphical package installer or the script. For information about installing and joining an Active Directory domain using the Mac OS X package installer, see the Mac-specific instructions in the Administrator’s Guide for Mac OS X here.
  2. Download the software package centrify-suite-*-rhel5-x86_64.tgz from the Centrify website and unzip.
  3. Change to the appropriate directory that contains the Centrify agent package you want to install, and run the script to start the installation of the agent on the local computer’s operating environment.



  1. Answer the prompts displayed according to the following:

       Do you want to run adcheck?                    “N”

       Join an Active Directory?                           “N”

       Enable auditing on this computer?            “Y”

       Do you want to continue?                          “Y”


  1. Verify the installation by running adinfo:

      # adinfo


  1. Join the domain with the adjoin command:

     # adjoin domain> –-zone zone> –u username>


Hope this helps, comments and feedback welcome!