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KB-9946: Is Centrify vulnerable to SAML Authentication Bypass vulnerability?

App Access Service ,   App Gateway Service ,   Privileged Access Service ,  

28 February,18 at 04:56 PM


Is Centrify SAML susceptible to the recent SAML vulnerability allowing attackers to modify a SAML assertion and trick into logging in as a different user?


In short, Centrify is not vulnerable to this exploit.

Centrify has reviewed the CERT vulnerability note and can confirm that Centrify’s SAML handling does not allow the described improper authentication.

This vulnerability affects the service provider side (assertion recipient) of the SAML connection. In cases where Centrify is the service provider (for example, B2B Federation) Centrify is not vulnerable.

Centrify also publishes a free C# SDK for developers who want to implement SAML as a Service Provider for their own applications. This code is also not vulnerable.

Customers are advised to check with their other SAML service providers to ensure they are not affected by this vulnerability.

If the service provider supports it, Centrify’s Application Services can be configured to fully encrypt the assertion (in addition to the SSL encryption and assertion signature), to provide further security.

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