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KB-9941: Why is IWA not working for Firefox after upgrading to version 58?

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30 March,18 at 10:57 PM


Why is IWA not working for Firefox after upgrading to version 58?


Firefox v58+ now requires SPNEGO for silent authentication where as before this was an optional step.

Configuring Firefox (Windows & Mac)

To configure silent authentication in Firefox using network.negotiate-auth.allows-non-fqdn:

1 Open Firefox.

2 Type about:config as the target URL.

3 Type neg in the Filter field.

4 Select network.negotiate-auth.allow-non-fqdn. If it is set to false, right-click and select Toggle. If it is already set to true, do not change it.

5 This is now a required step.  Select and right click network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris and select Modify. Enter a comma-separated list of the fully qualified domain name for each connector as string values, then click OK.
   For example, if you have two connectors — and— you click Modify, enter the following and click OK.,

The less-secure alternative would be to enter just the domain name. For example, you would click Modify, enter something like * and click OK.

6 Close the about:config tab and close Firefox.

Note: For security reasons, be as restrictive as possible in specifying the comma-separated lists. 

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