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KB-9542: Unable to join domain with Error: (Kerberos) : Message stream modified

Authentication Service ,  

11 December,17 at 09:57 PM


When attempting to join a machine to the domain, adjoin fails with the error:

Error: (Kerberos) : Message stream modified
due to unexpected configuration or network error.
Please try the --verbose option or run 'adinfo --diag' to diagnose the problem.
Join to domain '<domain>', zone '<zone>' failed.


In the logs you might see the following errors:

GSSAPI Mechanism with Kerberos error ": Message stream modified" (reference base/adbind.cpp:577 rc: -1765328343)
GSSAPI Mechanism with Kerberos error ": Message stream modified"

Cause: This can be caused by a bad domain controller or a DNS issue.


  1. Resolve any DNS errors or warnings displayed after running the command: adcheck <domain>
  2. Check Active Directory for any leftover Service Connection Point objects and cleanup AD if any are found.
  3. Run an adjoin command with the -s option to specify a good domain controller.

            Syntax Example:
       # adjoin <domain> -z <zone_name> -u <domain_admin> -s <domain_controller>


                -s <domain_controller> specifies the preferred DC.