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KB-9503: How to add a site or subnet to a Direct audit AuditStore Scope using Powershell

Auditing and Monitoring Service ,  

30 November,17 at 12:07 AM

How can a site or subnet be added to a Direct Audit Auditstore Scope using Powershell.

Please follow the steps below for the correct procedure.

Get Current Scopes:

$currentScopes = Get-CdaAuditStore -Installation "<DefaultInstallation>" -Name "AuditStore" | Select-Object Scopes

Verify existing scopes:

Add new Site or Subnet to scope list:
$newscopes = $currentScopes.Scopes += "<>"

Verify new scope list:

Write new scope list to Auditstore scopes:
Get-CdaAuditStore -Installation "<DefaultInstallation>" -Name "AuditStore" | Set-CdaAuditStore -Scopes $newscopes

You should now be able to verify that the new subnet or site has been added:
Get-CdaAuditStore -Installation "<DefaultInstallation>" -Name "AuditStore" | Select-Object -ExpandProperty scopes

*NOTE - Please replace all <DefaultInstallation> entries in the above commands with the actual installation name.
*NOTE  - Please replace the <> entry in the above commands with the actual SITE or SUBNET required to be added to the scope.

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