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KB-9331: Centrify Report Services Configuration Wizard failed on non-English Windows with error "Sequence contains no elements"

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18 March,20 at 03:35 PM

Applies to: All version of Centrify Infrastructure Services

When Centrify Report Services is installed and proceed to configuration wizard.
The Configuration Wizard cannot be completed due to an error that occurred:

序列未包含項 [Sequence contains no elements]

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Root Cause:
Centrify Report Services needs to locate the built-in SSRS roles by name during the Report deployment. However, the language of the built-in Roles will be different depends on the OS language. So the mismatch of the role name result in Configuration failure.
1. Choose to deploy reports on the SSRS installed on an English Windows

2. Choose not to deploy reports during Configuration Wizard. Then deploy our built-in reports manually onto the SSRS installed on an non-English Windows, the built-in reports can be found in C:\Program Files\Centrify\Report Services\Reports

The option "Deploy reports only" is introduced in the version 5.5.2 (Release 18.11) to deploy Centrify reports onto any accessible SQL Service Reporting Services. 

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Currently there is no plan to fix this issue as it is only support for English windows.