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KB-9249: How to resize display for rdp session when using the local rdp client on Privilege Service 17.6 and below

Privileged Access Service ,  

2 October,17 at 06:00 AM


How can the display size be changed from the default 1024 by 768 pixels when using the local RDP client instead of the built-in web client?


1. On the Settings tab, Local Client Preferences, make sure the checkbox "I have installed the Local Client Launcher on this computer" is unchecked.

User-added image

2. Go to the Resources tab, and click on a Windows Computer

User-added image

3. Click on the Actions Button and Choose your Login method (Ad Account Login/Manual Login)

User-added image

4. After choosing or entering the correct credential and hitting continue, choose 'Download

User-added image

5. If prompted to open the file or save the file, Choose Save.

User-added image

6. Go to the Downloads folder

User-added image

7. Right click on the download RDP session and choose Edit.

User-added image

8. On the Remote Desktop Connection Window, click on the Display Tab and adjust Display Configuration to desired size and click on Connect.

User-added image

Note: The downloaded RDP session/file can only be used once and will expire within 1 minute of it being downloaded.

If running Privilege Service 17.7:

If running Privilege Service 17.8 and above: