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KB-9248: How to resize display for rdp session when using the local rdp client on Privilege Service 17.7

Privileged Access Service ,  

28 September,17 at 11:14 PM


How can the display size be changed from the default 1024 by 768 pixels when using the local RDP client instead of the built-in web client?


1. Under Settings, Infrastructure, Local Client Preferences, make sure the checkbox "I have installed the Local Client Launcher on this computer" is unchecked.

rdp display size settings for CPS 17.7

2. Under Infrastructure, Systems, select the Windows system

User-added image

3. Select the 'Actions' dropdown and choose your Login option (Select/Request Account or Enter Account)

User-added image

4. After choosing or entering the correct credential and hitting continue, choose 'Download'

User-added image

5. If prompted to open the file or save the file, Choose Save.

User-added image

6. Go to the Downloads folder

User-added image

7. Right click on the download RDP session and choose Edit.

User-added image

8. On the Remote Desktop Connection Window, click on the Display Tab and adjust Display Configuration to desired size and click on Connect.

User-added image

Note: The downloaded RDP session/file can only be used once and will expire within 1 minute of it being downloaded.

If running Privilege Service 17.8 and above:

If running Privilege Service 17.6 and below: