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KB-9247: Service Fails to Start After Installation of Centrify Agent for Windows

Authentication Service ,  

7 May,20 at 05:12 PM

After installing Centrify Agent for Windows on Windows 2008 and 2012,  a service using an AD service account fails to start.  The popup error is:
Windows cannot start the <servicename> service on Local Computer
Error 1057: The account name is invalid or does not exist, or the password is invalid for the account name specified.
User-added image
The root cause of the failure is that the services.exe fails to load the Centrify kerberos library, dzkerberos.dll. Without the kerberos library, the authentication of an Active Directory service account will fail.

The work around is to change the format for the service account login that is running the service to use the pre-Windows 2000 format instead of the UPN format.  This will allow the user to authenticate through the traditional method.  The example below is showing the Centrify Zone Provisioning Agent service, but the same issue is seen on all services (even third party services) that need a kerberos login.
i.e.: This is the UPN format that will cause the error
User-added image
This is the Pre-Windows 2000 format that will work
User-added image
Since the root cause of the failure is that Microsoft's services.exe fails to load the Centrify kerberos library. Centrify cannot provide a permanent solution.