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KB-9176: How to enable LDAP directory for IBM Tivoli LDAP server in Centrify Admin Portal

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18 September,17 at 06:42 PM


How can an Administrator add an IBM Tivoli LDAP directory to the Centrify Admin portal/Which unique identifier is needed?


By default, Centrify LDAP directory set up will use the unique identifiers are 'entryUuid' (for RFC-4530-compatible servers) and 'dominoUnid' (maintained for historical purposes).

Because there are several varieties of LDAP directories available, not all using the standard 'entryUuid' attribute, Centrify will need to specify on the backend, which unique attribute should be used.

To do this, the following steps should be used:

1. Determine the name(s) of the Bind that will be used in the Admin portal (ie. 'CompanyLdap')
2. Open a Support ticket with Centrify Support ( and request that LDAP for IBM Tivoli will need to be configured to use unique Identifier "ibm-entryUuid" and include your tenant ID and pod (Found in Admin portal>Click Admin username in upper right and choose "About")
3. Support will have DevOps team add this config on the tenant backend
4. Once confirmed added (not before), next, configure LDAP and be sure to use the exact name provided to Support

ie. If the name will be 'CompanyLdap', the config should look as follows;

User-added image

Additionally, the signing cert used for the LDAP server will need to be installed on all Centrify Connector host machines that run the LDAP service, into the Computer Trusted Root Certificate Authorities store. 


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