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KB-9042: Which version of Centrify Audit Analyzer should be used in a mixed environment?

Auditing and Monitoring Service ,  

11 August,17 at 08:31 AM

Applies to:
All versions of Centrify DirectAudit


Which version of Centrify Audit Analyzer should be used in a mixed environment?
For example if the administrator would like to review the auditing sessions from 2012 installation as well as 2015 installation on the same Auditor console. 


The 2012 console should be used in above case if you want to connect to both 2012 and 2015 installations.

The newer console cannot talk to older installation and it is by design. 

If the newer console is used with old version of database attached to the installation, then following warning message will be prompted. 

User-added image

Why is new database supported by old console?
Centrify almost never remove any columns or tables from the old schema; the changes are always additive in nature. Because of this, the old console almost always finds the schema/SPs (stored procedures) that it can understand (which of course won't be true if console is newer and schema is older). This was designed based on the assumption that after DB upgrade, customer may not always be able to upgrade all the collectors and consoles in one go and hence we'll have to take care of cases wherein some consoles/collectors are on older version compared to the version of the database. It's perfectly fine to use an older console to review sessions from the newer database since session review process has been part of the product since day#1.