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KB-8951: Centrify Product Naming Changes - July 2017

22 August,17 at 10:02 PM

This article describes naming changes for all Centrify products starting July 2017. For additional information, please visit

Table of Contents:

Product Suite
Identity Service Components
Mac Product Components
*NIX Product Components
Windows Product Components
Windows Audit Utilities
Other Integration Components

Product Suite

DescriptionPrevious NameNew NameChange Version
Product NameCentrify Server Suite /
Centrify Privilege Service 
Centrify Infrastructure ServicesSuite 2017.2
Release NameCentrify Server Suite 201xCentrify Infrastructure Services 201x
(for CSS)
Centrify Infrastructure Services 17.x
(for CPS on-premise installation)
Suite 2017.2
Edition NameCentrify Server Suite Express Edition 201x /
Centrify Express for Linux and UNIX
Centrify Express for Linux and UNIX 201x Suite 2017.2
Edition NameCentrify Server Suite Standard Edition 201xNot ApplicableN/A
Edition NameCentrify Server Suite Enterprise Edition 201xNot ApplicableN/A

Identity Service Components

DescriptionCentrify Identity ServiceCentrify Application ServicesChange Version
Cloud ApplicationsCentrify Identity Service – App EditionCentrify App Services 
Centrify App Services for B2E
Centrify App Services for B2B
Centrify App Services for B2C
App GatewayCentrify Identity Service – App+ EditionCentrify App Gateway Service 
Centrify App Gateway Service for B2E
Centrify App Gateway Service for B2B
Centrify App Gateway Service for B2C

Mac Product Components

DescriptionPrevious NameNew NameChange Version
Mac ManagementCentrify Identity Service – Mac EditionCentrify Endpoint Services for Mac
(part of Centrify Endpoint Services)
Suite 2017.2
Smart Card IntegrationCentrify Identity Service – Mac SmartCard EditionCentrify Smart Card ServiceSuite 2017.2

*NIX Product Components

DescriptionPrevious NameNew NameChange Version
Centrify DirectControl *NIX AgentDirectControl Agent
DirectControl, ADclient
Centrify DirectControl Agent for *NIX Suite 2017.2
"Cjoin" AgentCentrify Agent for LinuxCentrify Agent for LinuxN/A
CDA *NIX AgentDA agentCentrify DirectAudit Agent for *NIXSuite 2017.2
adcheckADCheck Diagnostic ToolCentrify adcheckSuite 2017.2
OpenSSHCentrify OpenSSH Centrify OpenSSH N/A
adnisdCentrify Network Information Service, DirectControl NIS server,Centrify NIS ProxyCentrify Network Information Service and
Centrify NIS Server
Suite 2017.2
LDAP ProxyCentrify OpenLDAP proxy service, Centrify OpenLDAP Proxy, Centrify LDAP Proxy   Centrify OpenLDAP Proxy Suite 2017.2
DirectSecure AgentCentrify DirectSecure, DirectSecureCentrify DirectSecure Agent for *NIXFuture
Samba integrationCentrify ADBindProxyCentrify for SambaFuture
DB2 Plug-inCentrify for IBM DB2, Centrify for DB2, DirectControl for DB2, Centrify for DB2 security and authentication, IBM DB2 SSO Module Centrify for IBM DB2Future
SAP/SNC integrationSAP Netweaver AS ABAP SSO Module, DirectControl for SAP NetWeaver AS ABAPCentrify for SAP Netweaver ABAP SSO  Future
Hadoop integrationCentrify Identity and Access Management for Hortonworks
Centrify Identity and Access Management for Cloudera
Centrify Identity and Access Management for MapR
Centrify for Hortonworks
Centrify for Cloudera
Centrify for MapR

Windows Product Components

DescriptionPrevious NameNew NameChange Version
"Umbrella" NameDirectManageCentrify Management ServicesSuite 2017.2
CDC Windows Utilities
Suite InstallerDirectManage AccessCentrify Management Services - Identity & PrivilegeSuite 2017.2
ConsoleAccess ManagerCentrify Access Manager Suite 2017.2
Licensing serviceCentrify Licensing ServiceCentrify Licensing ServiceN/A
Licensing reportCentrify Licensing Report utilityCentrify Licensing Report utilityN/A
Report servicesCentrify Report ServicesCentrify Report ServicesN/A
ADUC extensionADUC property page extensionCentrify ADUC property page extensionSuite 2017.2
Group Policy extensionGroup Policy Management Editor extensionCentrify Group Policy Management Editor extensionSuite 2017.2
PowerShell SDKAccess Module for PowerShellCentrify Access Module for PowerShellSuite 2017.2
Deployment ManagerDirectManage Deployment ManagerCentrify Deployment Manager  Suite 2017.2
Zone Provisioning Agent (ZPA)Centrify Zone Provisioning AgentCentrify Zone Provisioning AgentN/A
PuTTYCentrify (kerberized) PuTTY, Centrify-Enabled PuTTY, DirectControl-Enabled PuTTYCentrify PuTTYSuite 2017.2
Password Synchronization ExtensionPassword Synchronization ExtensionCentrify Password Synchronization ExtensionSuite 2017.2
NIS maps extensionNIS Maps ExtensionCentrify NIS Maps ExtensionSuite 2017.2
DC SDK (.NET)Centrify for Server - Windows SDK, Centrify DirectManage Access SDKCentrify Access API for WindowsSuite 2017.2
Agent installerCentrify Agent for WindowsCentrify Agent for WindowsSuite 2017.2

Windows Audit Utilities

DescriptionPrevious NameNew NameChange Version
DirectAudit installerDirectManage AuditCentrify Management Services - Audit & MonitorSuite 2017.2
Console for managerAudit ManagerCentrify Audit Manager Suite 2017.2
AnalyzerAudit AnalyzerCentrify Audit AnalyzerSuite 2017.2
PowerShell SDKAudit Module for PowerShellCentrify Audit Module for PowerShellSuite 2017.2
CollectorAudit CollectorCentrify Audit CollectorSuite 2017.2
Database serverAudit Management ServerCentrify Audit Management ServerSuite 2017.2
DA SDKCentrify DirectAudit SDK, DirectManage Audit SDKCentrify Audit API for WindowsSuite 2017.2

Other Integration Components

DescriptionPrevious NameNew NameChange Version
SIEM integrationSplunk Add-on for Splunk Enterprise 6.4.xCentrify for Splunk  Future
SIEM integrationIBM QRadar Log Extension for V7.2.6Centrify for IBM Qradar  Future
SIEM integrationHP ArcSight Parsers for ESM version 6.8cCentrify for HP ArcSight Future
Apps integrationSAP Netweaver AS Java SSOCentrify for SAP Netweaver SSO (Java)Future
Apps integrationApache HTTP SSO ModuleCentrify for HTTPFuture
Apps integrationJ2EE SSO ModuleCentrify for J2EEFuture
Apps integrationIBM Informix SSO NotesCentrify for IBM InformixFuture
Apps integrationOracle SSO NotesCentrify for OracleFuture