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KB-8943: When changing the network connection, Mac local hostname is reverted to default of "Macbook-Pro"

Mac & PC Management Service ,  

13 July,17 at 10:07 PM


A reoccurring issue where the Mac laptops in an environment lose their local hostname and reverts to default hostname of "Macbook-pro." This happens when going from Ethernet to WiFi and back, and creates a conflict with the hostname (e.g. testmacbook) and then reverts the name to the default of "Macbook-pro." When this happens to several machines, it then creates conflicts between "Macbook-pro" hostnames, giving a warning message when users log in about a conflict, and increments their local hostname to "Macbook-pro-2", "Macbook-pro-3", etc.


This happens because the environment was set up with DHCP, providing dynamic DNS registration with name protection, and did not properly secure the 'DnsUpdateProxy' group. This meant that the DHCP service account that was supposed to be registering dynamic DNS entries does not work as expected.


In order to correct this issue, an Administrator will need to make sure to properly configure DynmaicDNS and making sure to secure the DnsUpdateProxy group by running the following command:

   dnscmd /config /OpenAclOnProxyUpdates 0 

Once complete, restart the DC/DNS/DHCP server, and the issue should be resolved. 

The following link is provided as a courtesy to explain in more detail.

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