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KB-8772: Centrify Recommendations for Samba security alert - CVE-2017-7494 (SambaCry)

Authentication Service ,  

25 May,17 at 10:53 PM


What are Centrify's recommendations in regards to Samba security alert - CVE-2017-7494​?


With regards to CVE-2017-7494, Centrify is no longer shipping Samba, only the adbindproxy package to interoperate Centrify with Samba. Please follow Samba's recommendations for this security alert.

- Centrify-Samba and stock Samba version 3.x, is no longer supported because version 3.x is end-of-life by
- If a patch/upgrade is applied to Samba be sure to re-run script and restart samba using our startup script. For example on RHEL 7.x systems:

systemctl restart centrifydc-samba.

Here are the latest release notes for adbindproxy. Specifically, it highlights our recommendation with regards to Samba:

Centrify ADBindProxy is a proxy agent package that seamlessly integrates the DirectControl agent in Centrify Server Suite with open source Samba (referred to as stock Samba in this document), enabling the two products to share Active Directory user and group membership and to agree upon Unix identity attributes for Active Directory users. It is a proxy that passes identity management requests from Samba to DirectControl.

This Centrify ADBindProxy release supports stock Samba version 4.x. You are strongly advised to apply the latest security patches from Samba first before deploying Centrify ADBindProxy.

Please also review:
KB-6842: Overview of the steps to upgrade or migrate from Centrify-enabled Samba to stock Samba with Centrify Adbindproxy
KB-6731: Impact of Badlock (CVE-2016-0128/CVE-2016-2118) on Centrify-Enabled Samba
Centrify Adbindproxy 5.4.0 Release Notes

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