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KB-8454: GID does not auto-increment when creating a new user or group

Authentication Service ,  

31 March,17 at 04:15 PM

Applies to:
All versions of DirectControl

When creating a group, the GID is set to the same number even though it is already in use and the setting to auto-increment 1 is in place.


1) Close access manager console 

2) Navigate to the OU location of your Zones in ADUC. (if you don't see it, ensure 'Advanced Features' are enabled via the 'View' menu item inside ADUC) 

3) Under OU=Zones, right-click on the target zone container and click on 'Properties'. 

4) Within properties, go to the 'Attribute Editor' tab.

5) Under 'Attribute Editor', double-click on the 'description' attribute. Under here, there are two notable items: 
  • gidnext 
  • gidreserved 
Make note of the values of these items. 

6) Click on 'gidnext: xxxxx' and select 'Remove' (don't worry, it will move to the box above). Change the gidnext value to the desired next value. Click 'Add' to restore the attribute. Apply changes. 

7) Open Access Manager again and attempt to re-provision the user/group. It should reflect the gidnext value that was modified and then this value should be incremented (check in ADUC once more).