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KB-8433: SSH authentication attempt appears to hang with DirectAudit 3.3.1 on AIX

Auditing and Monitoring Service ,   Authentication Service ,  

24 March,17 at 03:13 PM

Applies to: Centrify DirectAudit 3.3.1 on All Versions of AIX


When DirectAudit 3.3.1 on AIX is enabled, SSH attempts appear to hang before the login process completes.

If DirectAudit is disabled or the user is added to the dash.skiplist.user in the /etc/centrifyda/centrifyda.conf, the user can then login without any issues.


When DirectAudit (dad) is running, it will open a LRPC2 socket in /var/centrifydc/audit.

If the LRPC2 socket (/var/centrifyda/audit) is not accessible because world bit has no read/execute permission to /var/centrifyda, all LRPC2 non-root clients cannot connect to the socket. Cdash is run as the login user who is not root.

In this scenario, the rights on /var/centrifyda were set to 750, instead of 755.
ls -ld /var/centrifyda
drwxr-x--- 8 root system 4096 Jan 11 08:55 /var/centrifyda

Because of the incorrect directory permissions, the non-root user was unable to connect to the LPRC2 socket to complete the SSH authentication.


Verify the directory permissions are set 755 for the /var/centrifyda directory
ls -ld /var/centrifyda

If not, change the directory permissions to 755
chmod 755 /var/centrifyda

After making the change, users will be able to SSH without it hanging when DirectAudit is enabled on the system.