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KB-8416: Centrify Privilege Service cannot connect to Oracle database with the “Verification failed. Bad credential” error

Privileged Access Service ,  

22 March,17 at 11:28 AM

Applies to:

All versions of Centrify Privilege Service


Centrify Privilege Service cannot connect to Oracle database with the “Verification failed. Bad credential” error when adding the Oracle database to the tenant.


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As there could be varies reasons that would result to this error message, please check the following to isolate the issue:

  1. Make sure the credential does not include any special characters in the username and password.

  2. Make sure the FIPS algorithm policy is disabled on the server. For more details, please see the following KB article:

  1. Centrify Privilege Service is case sensitive with login credentials, please make sure the inputted credential matches exactly with the user list table in Oracle database.

  • For Oracle database itself, in older version (10 and below) it was not case sensitive for username. However, in version 11 or above, they have changed their behavior. Unless explicitly forced username are typically lower case (When create user with quote "). In the Oracle data dictionary there are stored as UPPERCASE.

Therefore, user centrify is created as CENTRIFY by default Oracle behavior.

  • For CPS console, Centrify enforces the username to be case sensitive in order to support variety of customer. We match the exact characters with the Oracle DB user table. For example, if the table is showing "abc" as the username, then user must type "abc" in CPS console while "ABC" will not work.


In Oracle DB 11g, there is a new parameter on this release to control the case sensitive enforcement:
To view how the database is setup, you can run the following command in the database:

SQL> SHOW parameter sec_case_sensitive_logon;

If you want to disable/enable this function (it is enabled by default), using SQL*Plus as database system user: