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KB-8366: How to find out which Office 365 license is insufficient by its SKU ID

App Access Service ,  

13 March,17 at 10:19 AM

Applies to: All versions of Centrify Identity Service


User provisioning failed with the following error message in sync report:
"Message: Subscription with Account 99999999-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-999999999999 and SKU 6fd2c87f-b296-42f0-b197-1e91e994b900 does not have any available licenses left. "

Is there a way to find out which Office 365 license is insufficient by its SKU ID?


There are 2 methods to find out the license that is insufficient.

Method 1 - From Centrify Admin Portal

1. Find out the provisioning role of the failed user by reviewing the sync report or user profile
2. Match the role and find out license name under the Role Mappings table (Office 365 > Provisioning):

User-added image

3. Go to License Summary and confirm the availability of that license:

User-added image

Method 2 - Searching SKU ID by Office 365 Powershell command

1. Search the license information with Office 365 PowerShell command below: 
Get-MsolAccountSku | where {$_.SkuId -eq '<SKU number from sync report>'}

2. AccountSkuId will be returned. For example:

3. Compare AccountSkuId to the mapping list from Microsoft:
Office 365 Small Business PremiumLITEPACK_P2
Office 365 Midsize BusinessMIDSIZEPACK
Office 365 Enterprise E3ENTERPRISEPACK
Office 365 Enterprise K1 with/without YammerDESKLESSPACK or DESKLESSPACK_YAMMER
Office 365 Enterprise K2DESKLESSWOFFPACK
So in the above example, the license returned is Office 365 Enterprise E3.

A completed list :

(Link provided as a courtesy)

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