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KB-8320: Manually installing the Suite 2017 Linux and UNIX DirectControl agents

17 March,17 at 12:37 AM

Applies to:
DirectControl 5.4.0 agents and above that will be installed or upgraded manually.

How can the packages for the DirectControl agent in Server Suite 2017 be installed or upgraded manually?

Upgrading Centrify DirectControl from older version to the Suite 2017 (5.4.0) version by using native OS commands requires some platform specific steps.

Linux with rpm (RHEL, SUSE, etc):

All packages should be installed and upgraded by single command. Put all rpms in <my_dir> directory and run:
rpm -Uhv <my_dir>/*.rpm

Linux with dpkg (Debian, Ubuntu, etc):

The main detail on Debian is the package order in the list.
Fresh install is not so critical to it but it is still recommended to list packages in this order:

dpkg -i ./centrifydc-openssl-5.4.0-deb7-i386.deb ./centrifydc-openldap-5.4.0-deb7-i386.deb ./centrifydc-curl-5.4.0-deb7-i386.deb ./centrifydc-5.4.0-deb7-i386.deb ./centrifydc-ldapproxy-5.4.0-deb7-i386.deb ./centrifydc-nis-5.4.0-deb7-i386.deb ./centrifyda-3.4.0-deb7-i386.deb

Upgrading DirectControl from older versions requires listing packages in a different order (core package first):

dpkg -i --force-confnew --force-confmiss --ignore-depends=centrifydc-nis --ignore-depends=centrifydc-ldapproxy --ignore-depends=centrifyda ./centrifydc-5.4.0-deb7-i386.deb ./centrifydc-openssl-5.4.0-deb7-i386.deb ./centrifydc-openldap-5.4.0-deb7-i386.deb ./centrifydc-curl-5.4.0-deb7-i386.deb ./centrifydc-ldapproxy-5.4.0-deb7-i386.deb ./centrifydc-nis-5.4.0-deb7-i386.deb ./centrifyda-3.4.0-deb7-i386.deb

If CDC-nis package is not installed then no need to use --ignore-depends=centrifydc-nis. Same for CDC-ldapproxy and DA.


Manual installation and upgrade procedure is the same as before. It should be already documented how to upgrade multiple packages (Suite) on AIX by using native command (installp).
You'll need to unzip packages into a directory, for instance, my_dir and run the next command:

installp -aY -d <my_dir> all (install all packages available in <my_dir>)
installp -aY -d <my_dir> CentrifyDC.core CentrifyDC.openssl CentrifyDC.openldap CentrifyDC.curl ...


Create a copy of the system default admin file (/var/sadm/install/admin/default) and modify it. System default should work for the fresh install.
Here is an example of my_admin file for upgrade (critical lines are in italics):


Copy all *.local.tgz packages into a directory like my_tmp_dir and unzip-untar them.
Spool all packages one-by-one from my_tmp_dir to my_spool_dir:

/usr/sbin/pkgadd -s /my_spool_dir -d /my_tmp_dir/CentrifyDC CentrifyDC
/usr/sbin/pkgadd -s /my_spool_dir -d /my_tmp_dir/CentrifyDC-openssl CentrifyDC-openssl
/usr/sbin/pkgadd -s /my_spool_dir -d /my_tmp_dir/CentrifyDC-openldap CentrifyDC-openldap
/usr/sbin/pkgadd -s /my_spool_dir -d /my_tmp_dir/CentrifyDC-curl CentrifyDC-curl
/usr/sbin/pkgadd -s /my_spool_dir -d /my_tmp_dir/CentrifyDC-ldapproxy CentrifyDC-ldapproxy
/usr/sbin/pkgadd -s /my_spool_dir -d /my_tmp_dir/CentrifyDC-nis CentrifyDC-nis

Install/upgrade packages by running the next commands:

/usr/sbin/pkgadd -a my_admin -n -d /my_spool_dir CentrifyDC-openssl
/usr/sbin/pkgadd -a my_admin -n -d /my_spool_dir CentrifyDC-openldap CentrifyDC-curl
/usr/sbin/pkgadd -a my_admin -n -d /my_spool_dir CentrifyDC
/usr/sbin/pkgadd -a my_admin -n -d /my_spool_dir CentrifyDC-ldapproxy CentrifyDC-nis

Verify installation (upgrade): /usr/bin/pkginfo | grep -i centrify


Copy all *.depot.gz packages into my_dir and unzip them: gunzip *.depot.gz
Spool all packages one-by-one:

/usr/sbin/swcopy -s /full_path/my_dir/centrifydc-openssl-5.4.0-hp11.31-pa.depot -x enforce_dependencies=false CentrifyDC-openssl
/usr/sbin/swcopy -s /full_path/my_dir/centrifydc-openldap-5.4.0-hp11.31-pa.depot -x enforce_dependencies=false CentrifyDC-openldap
/usr/sbin/swcopy -s /full_path/my_dir/centrifydc-curl-5.4.0-hp11.31-pa.depot -x enforce_dependencies=false CentrifyDC-curl
/usr/sbin/swcopy -s /full_path/my_dir/centrifydc-5.4.0-hp11.31-pa.depot -x enforce_dependencies=false CentrifyDC
/usr/sbin/swcopy -s /full_path/my_dir/centrifydc-nis-5.4.0-hp11.31-pa.depot -x enforce_dependencies=false CentrifyDC-nis
/usr/sbin/swcopy -s /full_path/my_dir/centrifydc-ldapproxy-5.4.0-hp11.31-pa.depot -x enforce_dependencies=false CentrifyDC-ldapproxy
/usr/sbin/swcopy -s /full_path/my_dir/centrifydc-openssh-7.3p1-5.4.0-hp11.31-pa.depot -x enforce_dependencies=false CentrifyDC-openssh
/usr/sbin/swcopy -s /full_path/my_dir/centrifyda-3.4.0-hp11.31-pa.depot -x enforce_dependencies=false CentrifyDA

Install (or upgrade) all packages in a single command:

/usr/sbin/swinstall CentrifyDC-openssl CentrifyDC-openldap CentrifyDC-curl CentrifyDC CentrifyDC-nis CentrifyDC-ldapproxy CentrifyDC-openssh CentrifyDA

Verify installation (upgrade):

/usr/sbin/swlist | grep -i centrify
/usr/sbin/swverify CentrifyDC

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