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KB-8319: Enforce Device location reporting not working on iOS devices

App Access Service ,   App Gateway Service ,  

10 March,17 at 05:09 PM

Applies to: Centrify Identity Service


An Administrator has configured mobile policy to "Report mobile device location" and has selected the option "Force" for "Enable Device Location Tracking by Administrator." The iOS devices, however, do not show the location in the User or Admin portal for the device. 

     User-added image


This happens when the User who received the policy on the iOS device, declines to Allow for the Centrify app to use location services. This is a permission that must be granted in order for location services to work. In device logs, we will see something like:

     Device may have problem starting location service, status=2

Status 2 means kCLAuthorizationStatusDenied (User has explicitly denied authorization for this application, or location services are disabled in Settings.)

These settings are for the Centrify app on the device.

"Report mobile device location" tells that the Centrify app should report location. The "Enable Device Location Tracking by Administrator" setting specifies that the location is visible to Admin (or not) IF "Report mobile device location" enabled. 

Using the "Force" option means that user can not disable "Visibility to Admin". An "Opt in" selection, would allow the user to decide if the Admin should be able to see the device location in Admin portal. "Enable Device Location Tracking by Administrator" does not force location reporting.

The User must allow the Centrify app to use "Location Services" and "Location Services" must not be in disabled state, in order to work as expected. 




To resolve the issue, the User will need to allow Location services for the Centrify app, or the device depending on which is disabled.  

     User-added image

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