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KB-7928: How to create an installation log file with CPS on-premise

Privileged Access Service ,  

5 December,16 at 06:11 PM

Applies to:

Centrify Privilege Service (on-premises deployment) 16.10 and higher


What needs to be done to collect an installation log while installing or upgrading CPS on-premise?


The native Windows installation logging facility can be used to save information from the Centrify Privilege Service installation session.

To save the installation session information using the Windows installation logger, open up a command prompt window and run the installation with one of the logging switches, followed by a log file name.

The logging switch could be -log, /log, -l or /l.

For example, to perform an installation using the Centrify_Privilege_Service-16.11.exe file, and save the log information in a file named cps.log, use the following command:

Centrify_Privilege_Service-16.11.exe /l cps.log
It generates log files including
1.    cps.log, for the overall installation process from the bootstrapper.
2.    cps_0_opie.log, for the installation of opie binaries from Windows Installer.
3.    cps_1_connector.log, for the installation of connector binaries from Windows Installer.

If the /l options is not specified, by default the logs files are written to %TEMP%\Centrify Identity Platform %version%_%timestamp%*

(e.g. C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\Centrify Identity Platform 16.10.153_20161205022113.log).