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KB-7672: How to modify the default admin account properties for a Centrify tenant

App Access Service ,   App Gateway Service ,   Mac & PC Management Service ,  

23 November,16 at 12:10 AM

Applies to: Centrify Identity Service, App Edition


Our organization is using Centrify Identity Service and the tenant in use was registered by a different individual that has since left the company. How can an administrator update the username or email address of the default administrator account that is generated automatically for a Centrify tenant?


An administrator can update the default account name or email address using a similar process to manage any cloud-based user account. For account recovery purposes, it is recommended to keep the account username and password in a safe location and to ensure account self-service options for password recovery are enabled. The email address of the account can be used for account recovery and to satisfy MFA challenges.

Note: For account recovery and lockout assistance when self-service options are not available, please contact Centrify Support.

It is important to ensure the
default administrator account name has a unique value and does not match any Active Directory or LDAP user account. This account is critical for troubleshooting when Active Directory login is unavailable. It is permissible to use an email address for the account that does match a local directory user.
1. Log into the Admin portal ( and select the Users tab.
2. Find the default cloud administrator account in the User list.  Name uses the syntax of "admin_<username>@<emailsuffix>" (where         username@emailsuffix is the email address of the account used to register for the service). Note: legacy tenants may be using a default admin name of cloudadmin.
3. Click the user record and update the desired fields, such as email address. Any default admin account recovery emails will be sent to this address.
4. Save the user account.

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