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KB-7586: High CPU usage after 30 minutes after installing or upgrading to Suite 2016.1 (5.3.1)

Authentication Service ,  

17 December,16 at 01:59 AM

Applies to:
Centrify DirectControl 5.3.1 on all platforms

The Centrify DirectControl Agent causes a
amount of system CPU usage approximately 30 minutes from system or service start. Restarting the DirectControl Agent is needed to bring CPU usage back to normal.

By default every 1800 seconds or 30 minutes the agent will update a list of alternate UPN suffixes at the given interval. The agent will search all available domains to search and build a list of alternative UPN suffixes. If there is an unreachable domain or configured blocked domain, the agent will become stuck in a loop repeatedly trying to contact the unreachable/blocked domain.

Output from logs will show the following four lines repeated:

adclient[4823]: DEBUG <bg:upnUpdate> network.state Domain blocked: (not in white list)
adclient[4823]: DEBUG <bg:upnUpdate> base.adagent.domaininfo rejecting domain Blocked, not in DNS or our domain list
adclient[4823]: DEBUG <bg:upnUpdate> base.osutil Module=Kerberos : No such domain: (reference base/adagent.cpp:1349 rc: -1765328230)
adclient[4823]: DEBUG <bg:upnUpdate> util.runqueue unhandled exception No such domain:

Edit the
 /etc/centrifydc/centrifydc.conf file and change the following parameter:

adclient.altupn.update.interval: 90000000 (9 with 7 zeros)

Run adreload after saving for changes to take effect

This parameter can also be distributed to your systems using Group Policy and is located at:
Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Admin Templates -> Centrify settings -> DirectControl Settings -> Add centrifydc.conf properties.

This will be fixed in Centrify Server Suite 2017.