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KB-7541: DirectAudit Agent Error Codes

Auditing and Monitoring Service ,  

29 September,16 at 04:33 PM


Would it be possible to request a list of all Windows Events that might be logged by the DirectAudit Agent service 2016.1 and above?


Please find below, a comprised list of Event IDs that may be encountered:

Event IDType/DescriptionLevel
1000DirectAudit Agent is not connected to any collector. Will retry later.INFORMATION
1001DirectAudit Agent is now connected to '<PLACEHOLDER>'INFORMATION
1002Disk space check indicates that <PLACEHOLDER> currently has <PLACEHOLDER>% free, but <PLACEHOLDER>% is required for auditing. Pausing auditing until more space is available.WARNING
1003Disk space check indicates that <PLACEHOLDER> currently has <PLACEHOLDER>% free, allowing auditing to resumeINFORMATION
1004This agent is not associated with any Installation. Please run the DirectAudit Agent Configuration WizardWARNING
1005This agent is configured via <PLACEHOLDER> for Installation '<PLACEHOLDER>'INFORMATION
1006This agent is not associated with any Audit Store. Please run the DirectAudit Agent Configuration Wizard and/or reconfigure the scope of an Audit Store to include the site or subnet of this computerWARNING
1007The agent is using DirectAudit Audit Store '<PLACEHOLDER>'INFORMATION
1010The DirectAudit Agent encountered a serious error and must stop: <PLACEHOLDER>ERROR
1011wdad startingINFORMATION
1012DirectAudit Agent was unable to start: <PLACEHOLDER>ERROR
1013wdad stoppingINFORMATION
1014DirectAudit Agent was unable to stop gracefully: <PLACEHOLDER>ERROR
1015DirectAudit Agent was unable process a 'new session' event. Auditing of the session may be disabled: <PLACEHOLDER>ERROR
1016DirectAudit Agent is disconnected from collector '<PLACEHOLDER>'WARNING

N.B. - These codes are valid as of Suite 2016.1, however are susceptible to change in later releases.