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KB-7514: Failed to send out Radius request to Radius Server with exception "Host and/or shared secret must be set" in cloud connector log

App Access Service ,  

4 October,16 at 12:59 PM

Applies to: All versions of Centrify Identity Service, App Edition


After following the steps in Centrify Online Help Page to configure Cloud Connector as Radius client, it still failed to send out Radius request to Radius Server. From the cloud connector log, this exception can be seen:

2016-09-12 08:54:16,051 [P-Centrify.Cloud.Core.ProxyHost.exe-1348|(null)|(null)|26fbdbc123674228ad7c34142a3b7558|25|13|DEBUG] ExternalRadius: Looked up RADIUS server info using name "RAdius test": actual host is
2016-09-12 08:54:16,051 [P-Centrify.Cloud.Core.ProxyHost.exe-1348|(null)|(null)|26fbdbc123674228ad7c34142a3b7558|25|14|DEBUG] ExternalRadius:AuthenticateUserByPasscode: Finished
2016-09-12 08:54:16,051 [P-Centrify.Cloud.Core.ProxyHost.exe-1348|(null)|(null)|26fbdbc123674228ad7c34142a3b7558|25|14|DEBUG] RpcHostEndpointRegistrar: RPC exception being returned to caller for IFace: Centrify.Cloud.Core.Interfaces.IRadiusServerRpc, Centrify.Cloud.Core.Interfaces Method: AuthenticateUserByPasscode => System.AggregateException: �o�ͤ@�Φh�����~�C ---> System.InvalidOperationException: Host and/or shared secret must be set.
�� Centrify.Cloud.Core.ProxyExternalRadius.ExternalRadius.<AuthenticateUserByPasscodeAsync>d__0.MoveNext()
--- �����ҥ~���p���|�l�ܪ����� ---
�� System.Threading.Tasks.Task`1.GetResultCore(Boolean waitCompletionNotification)
�� Centrify.Cloud.Core.ProxyExternalRadius.ExternalRadius.AuthenticateUserByPasscode(String radiusName, String userId, String passcode)


The server secret in use probably does not match with the one in Radius server. 


Make sure the server secret in use matches with the one in Radius server. There are 2 places one can define the Server Secret:

1. Cloud Manager > Settings tab > Authentication > RADIUS Connections > Servers tab:

User-added image

2. Cloud Manager > Settings tab > Network > Cloud Connectors > click on the target cloud connector" > RADIUS

If "Override server secret for connector" option is checked under the Cloud Connector configuration setting, which will override the server secret in #1, please either make sure the Server Secret entered is correct, or uncheck the "Override server secret for connector" option such that the Server Secret in #1 will be used.

User-added image

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