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KB-7503: CPS resource showing as unreachable when it is reachable

Privileged Access Service ,  

11 February,20 at 10:06 PM

Applies to:

Centrify Privileged Access Service


Why does my resource show as unreachable in Privilege Manager, but it truly is reachable?


Some of the reasons for showing unreachable are:
  1. Health check time interval, i.e., the last time the health was checked it was unreachable and it has not yet hit the time interval to check again.
  2. The management mode ports set for the machine are not reachable even though the machine is up and running. (see below for what those management ports are)
  3. Cloud Connector is not running.

One way to refresh might be is to try to check for above reasons if any, and try a Login or some action against the resource. That should force it to update the health status also.

The management mode ports for machine:
1. Windows
    a. SMB: 445
    b. WinRM: 5985 (http) 5986 (https)
    c. RDP: 3389 (default) or any port that is mentioned at the resource level for RDP sessions.
2. Unix/Cisco/Juniper:
    a. 22 (default) or any the port that is mentioned at the resource level for secure shell sessions.

Please refer to the documentation under Review the firewall rules on what ports needs to be checked/provided.