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KB-7458: How to deploy the Centrify for MacOS 10.12 agent using DirectManage Deployment Manager

Mac & PC Management Service ,  

11 April,17 at 08:29 PM


The updated Centrify DirectManage Deployment Manager has been downloaded from the .zip file below (Deployment and installed on a Windows machine on the domain. After adding the Mac systems into the computer list, the updated Sierra-compatible agent (version 5.4.0) does not appear to be selectable for deployment to machines on macOS 10.12 and below.

Since the recommended practice is to install the latest agent first before updating the OS, how can Deployment Manager be used to push this build out to pre-10.12 machines?


1. After installing the updated DirectManage Deployment Manager software, download the zip attached to this KB:

2. Create a new folder and extract the zip contents into it:
• adcheck-mac10.10
• centrify-suite-2017-mac10.10.tgz

3. Open the newly installed DirectManage Deployment Manager and select "Import Centrify Product Catalog" from the Action menu:

          User-added image

4. At the "Import Catalog" wizard, browse to the manifest.xml file from Step 2 and complete the wizard.

5. Right-click Centrify DirectManage Deployment Manager > Options.. 

          User-added image

6. Uncheck the box for "Enable Centrify Product Catalog Auto Update" 

          User-added image


7. Proceed to the first stage of the Deployment Steps:
 Step 1. Build Computer List
 Click the [ Add Computers... ] button and use the options to add the target Mac systems into the Deployment Manager computer list.

8. After the computer list is populated, proceed to the second stage of the Deployment Steps:
 Step 2: Download Centrify Software
 Click the [ Download Software... ] button and select the "Copy from network or local drive" option.
 Browse to the same extracted folder from Step 2
 There will be two Centrify Software Packages found (Note: If prompted to keep or replace existing files, select Replace)
 Analysis Tools
 Centrify Suite 2017 (mac 10.12 support)
          User-added image

Package files are typically stored at C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Centrify\DeploymentManager\Packages 

9. Once the updated software packages are listed in the package table, the rest of the Deployment Steps can be completed as normal:
 Step 3: Analyze Your Environment

Note: If the OS was upgraded prior to installing a compatible Centrify agent, the OS version detected may be incorrect or unknown. If this happens, a compatible agent version should be installed manually on the target computer.
 Step 4: Deploy Centrify Software

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