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KB-7457: Show effective user rights for computer shows empty

Authentication Service ,  

14 September,16 at 09:22 PM

Applies to: Centrify DirectManage Suite 2016.1 (5.3.1) on all OS versions

Show effective user rights for a computer within Access Manager shows empty / no users.

This issue may occur when there are duplicate computer role/zone objects housed in Active Directory. 

Determine if there are any duplicate msDS-AzScope objects. The CN will likely be unique, however duplicates may be tracked via the value contained within the msDS-AzScopeName attribute of the objects.

An easy method for checking for duplicate objects is to run an ldap search to print the msDS-AzScopeName for msDS-AzScope objects within the domain (must be run as root):

# /usr/share/centrifydc/bin/ldapsearch -QLLLrm "(objectClass=msDS-AzScope)" msDS-AzScopeName

Once duplicate objects have been discovered, open ADSIedit or ADUC with 'View>Advanced Features' enabled. Navigate to the duplicate msDS-AzScope location and delete the older msDS-AzScope object that is the duplicate.  

Test show effective user rights for problematic computer.

Please also review:
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