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KB-7417: How to troubleshoot when a user show up in Show Effective Users but adquery for the user shows the status as zoneEnabled:false?

Authentication Service ,  

30 August,16 at 06:13 PM

Applies to: All versions of Centrify DirectControl


How to troubleshoot when a user show up in Show Effective Users but adquery for the user shows the status as zoneEnabled:false 

In the Centrify DirectManage Access Manager/DirectControl console, the user does show up in "Show Effective Users" for Centrify servers.  
But in the UNIX machine, running adquery shows as zoneEnabled:false, for example:

# adquery user -A jsmith

gecos:John Smith
dn:CN=John Smith,OU=Local Consultants,OU=Information Technology,OU=US,DC=acme,DC=com
displayName:John Smith
sid:S-1-5-21-2071661896-1205500103-1105138716-65934 Technology/Local Consultants/John Smith
passwordExpires:Thu Apr 18 20:22:54 2013
nextPasswordChange:Sun Jan 20 19:22:54 2013
lastPasswordChange:Fri Jan 18 19:22:54 2013
unixGroups:jsmith Local/Information Technology, Email Users,,


Since the user show up in "Show Effective users", it indicates that the user have a valid UNIX profile in the Zone.

So please check if the user is included in the file 


If so, please do the following:

a) edit the file and remove the user.  
b) run the command adreload
c) make sure the user is not included in the files
 /etc/centrifydc/user.ignore and /etc/centrifydc/uid.ignore

Then run adquery user -A <username> to verify zoneEnabled:true for the user.
For further reading on building a complete Zone Profile and login issue, please see:

KB-3038: How to add an AD user into a Centrify Zone.

KB-3020: How to troubleshoot if a user is not shown in "Show Effective Users"

KB-3029: Running adquery shows the user's shell as '/sbin/nologin' and user can't login