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KB-7415: Unable to unlock screen with Smart Card on RHEL 7.3 and lower

Authentication Service ,  

8 May,18 at 09:13 PM


On RHEL 7.3 and lower, an initial login using smart card (CAC card) is successful; however, the locked screen cannot be unlocked with Smart Card. 

Error messages similar to the following may also be displayed: 

[gdm-smartcard]: pam_centrify_pkcs11(gdm-smartcard:auth): No valid certificate which meets all requirements found


The problem is caused by the pam_pkcs11 package which handles x.509 certificate based user login. The package provided in RHEL 7.0+ does not handle user login requests correctly. This is a problem with the package, pam_pkcs11, which is supplied by Red Hat.


Instead of entering PIN directly into the lock screen, please use "Log in as another user" button on the lock screen, then enter the correct PIN to unlock the screen. 


Red Hat acknowledged a problem which began with the initial 7.0 release and was eventually addressed with the release of RHEL 7.4.
Please see the following Red Hat bug for more information and background about the issue:


If running RHEL 7.4 or higher please see "KB-10294: Cannot unlock screen with Smart Card after successful login on RHEL 7.4 and higher"
In summary, Centrify found that more work was needed to address this issue after the RHEL 7.4 release.