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KB-7410: How to capture Android device logs for support escalations

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16 August,17 at 09:05 PM

How To:

There may be times where Centrify may ask the IT Administrator to submit log file information to determine the cause of a particular device behavior issue.
  • If Samsung devices are in use, the IT Administrator should use the built-in SysDump utility to get logs from devices.
  • For Verizon devices (both Samsung and non-Samsung devices), either the adb or "System Info for Android" app options can be used for log collection.
To collect log information using the built-in SysDump:
  1. Open the Phone app on the device and dial *#9900# (may not work on Verizon devices - see below)
  2. When SysDump opens, tap the [ Run dumpstate/logcat  ] button 
    (This saves logs to internal storage at /data/log/dumpState_yyyymmdd.log)
  3. Tap the [ Copy to sdcard ] button
  4. Close SysDump and open the device Apps drawer from the home screen
  5. Launch the My Files app
  6. Navigate to the /data/log folder
  7. Share the dumpState_yyyymmdd.log file via email, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, Dropbox, etc
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To collect log information using adb or "Android System Info" app for Verizon (and any other devices where SysDump cannot be reached):
If unable to use the above procedure to capture device log information, the following methods could also be used.
Option 1:
  • Download the "System Info for Android" app from the Play Store:
  • Once the app starts, reproduce the issue on the device
  • Press the Menu key, select "Save log" and then submit the log file. *Note-Depending on the version of Android used, the menu button option may be missing on the device. If so, try to hold down (long press) the back button instead to activate the menu system.
Option 2:
  • Use the Android Debug Bridge (adb) command-line utility that is packaged with the Android SDK with the steps below.
  1. Enable Developer Mode on the device by navigating to device Settings > More / General > About Phone
  2. Tap the Build Number label seven times and a notification will appear stating Developer Options is now enabled
  3. Look in Settings > More / General > Developer Options > Enable the USB debugging check box. 
  4. Connect device to the computer using a USB cable.
  5. Open a command prompt, type "adb devices" to confirm the connection is working. 
    Example output:
    adb devices
    List of devices attached
    91229714 device

  6. Once connection is confirmed, type:
    adb logcat > logcat.txt
    adb shell dumpstate > dumpstate.txt

  7. Submit the .txt files generated
If all the above methods fail to capture device logs, then there is likely an issue with the device itself and the issue will need to be escalated by the IT Admin to the carrier or vendor support.

For additional information not covered in this guide or troubleshooting assistance, please review Centrify Online Help or the Customer Support Portal at

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