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KB-7380: Daily sync fails if administrator is no longer managing tenant

App Access Service ,  

24 August,16 at 01:59 AM

Applies to: Centrify for Saas version 16.7

Daily sync fails if administrator account is disabled or removed, and is no longer managing tenant.
Provisioning Job Status and Reports shows the following:

System.UnauthorizedAccessException: You are not authorized to perform this operation. Please contact your IT helpdesk. at Centrify.Cloud.Core.Access.TableChecker.RowCheck(DataEntity de, String table, RightsBits needed) in c:\Perforce.Production\Production\Core\Cloud\Access\tablecheck.cs:line 65 at Centrify.Cloud.Core.Storage.SecureTableStorageEngine.TryFetch(String tableName, String rowKey, Boolean throwIfNotAuthorized, RightsBits extraRights, Boolean useCache) in c:\Perforce.Production\Production\Core\Cloud\Storage\SecureTableStorageEngine.cs:line 60 at Centrify.Cloud.Core.Storage.SecureTableStorageEngine.TryFetch(String tableName, String rowKey) in c:\Perforce.Production\Production\Core\Cloud\Storage\SecureTableStorageEngine.cs:line 32 at Centrify.Cloud.Core.UserProvSync.GetNotificationSettings() in c:\Perforce.Production\Production\Core\Cloud\UserProvSync.cs:line 292 at Centrify.Cloud.Saas.Provisioning.DirSyncEngine.ApplicationSyncReport.ProcessReport(List`1 appSyncReports, ProvSyncType syncType, String jobid) in c:\Perforce.Production\Production\Saas\Provisioning\Saas.Provisioning\DirSyncEngine\ApplicationSyncReport.cs:line 288 at Centrify.Cloud.Saas.Provisioning.DirSyncEngine.ProvSyncJob.PostProcess(JobExecutionContext context) in c:\Perforce.Production\Production\Saas\Provisioning\Saas.Provisioning\DirSyncEngine\SyncJobs.cs:line 362 at Centrify.Cloud.Core.Jobs.RunnableParallelJob.RunImpl(JobExecutionContext context, Semaphore workerThreadManager) in c:\Perforce.Production\Production\Core\Cloud\Jobs\RunnableParallelJob.cs:line 127

Daily sync provisioning job is owned by the administrator that saved the setting, Hence when the administrator is no longer managing the tenant, a permission failure will occur on the provisioning job as well.

Use another administrator to uncheck, save, recheck and save again on the daily sync option.

Issue will be resolved in future versions.

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