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KB-7331: How to locate IdP metadata for SAML applications that do not contain a metadata download link

App Access Service ,  

30 May,17 at 10:22 PM

Applies to: Centrify Identity Service, App Edition


How can an Administrator download the metadata file for an application, if the SAML application does not display a metadata download link?

     Examples with download link:
     User-added image  User-added image

     Example without download link:

     User-added image


Applications for known Service Providers (SP's) which use the SAML Metadata import feature from an Identity Provider (IdP) will display a download link within the application settings for the .xml file used for import. Other applications may not show a download link or provide access to download the .xml file.

In order to obtain this information, an Administrator should configure the application as much as possible, including importing SP metadata, where available. For more information on configuring a SAML application, please refer to the online help here.

     1. After entering all known values into the Application settings,  save and reopen the application configuration.  Locate the Sign in URL. (This may be identified using a different name depending on the application)

     User-added image

     2. Copy and paste the Sign in URL to a program such as notepad or similar text editor


     3. Modify the URL and remove run? and replace with saasManage/DownloadSAMLMetadataForApp? . This is the " IdP Metadata download URL" which is needed.


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