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KB-7307: How to use https for IWA connection for CLI toolkit

23 August,16 at 08:18 PM

Applies to:
CLI toolkit prior to version 16.10

Is there a way to setup IWA connection for CLI toolkit via https?


IWA connection to Centrify Cloud connector is required in order to successfully running cjoin in CLI toolkit.  Centrify Cloud allows establishing the IWA connection via http or https.  It is recommended to use https.

To setup IWA via https, the IWA root certificate needs to be trusted by the machines with CLI toolkit installed by following the procedure below.
1) Download "IWA root CA certificate". At: Cloud Manager portal -> Settings -> Network -> Cloud Connectors -> Select the Cloud Connector to connect -> Download your IWA root CA certificate.

User-added image
User-added image

(a) For CentOS/RedHat:
On the CLI machine, copy the certificate to "/usr/share/ssl/certs/ca-bundle.crt". For example, by running command "sudo cp IwaRoot.cer /usr/share/ssl/certs/ca-bundle.crt".
(b) For Ubuntu:
Copy the certificate to a crt file in "/usr/local/share/ca-certificates". E.g. by command "cp IwaTrustRoot.cer /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/IwaTrustRoot.crt"
Update CA certificates by command "sudo update-ca-certificates"
(c) For SUSE or platform:
On the CLI machine, copy the certificate to a "pem" file in "/etc/ssl/certs". For example, by running command "sudo cp IwaRoot.cer /etc/ssl/certs/IwaRoot.pem".
Run "c_rehash" on the directory by "/usr/share/centrifydc/bin/c_rehash /etc/ssl/certs/".

3) Verify that CLI can connect to Cloud Connector, for example by running command "sudo cjoin -V -a [ip_address]"

Important Note:
If the machine does not have the target directory, e.g. "/usr/share/ssl/certs", please create the directory by "mkdir" command

In 16.10, CLI toolkit is going to be deprecated and replaced by Centrify Cloud Agent package.  The new package does not use IWA connection to do cjoin.  Hence, this KB is applicable to only CLI toolkit but it doesn’t apply to the new Centrify Cloud Agent package.

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