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KB-7131: Customize group name in DirectManage Generate Centrify recommended deployment structure

Authentication Service ,  

6 July,16 at 02:33 PM


When first creating Centrify OU and container on AD, using Access Manager (GUI) - Generate Centrify recommended deployment structure -> Use current script for deployment, the Centrify groups are named with prefix "cfyA_Global_"


If using Generate Centrify recommended deployment structure -> Export script for customized deployment to output a powershell script and run it on powershell, there is no prefix. 
There is no option on GUI to change the name and is forced to use group name with prefix.


The name does not affect functionality.
As long as it is a valid AD object name and SAM account name (pre-Windows 2000 name), it should be okay.

In Access Manager GUI, it reads the group names in deploy.ini (e.g. cfyA_Global_CentrifyXXXXX) and pass them to the script to create the OU structure.
But for exported script, if no parameter is passed, it uses the default values (e.g. "Centrify Administrators") as group names.

So different group names are used for GUI and PowerShell script.


1. Go to Access Manager install folder (C:\Program Files\Centrify\DirectManage Access Manager),
2. Open deploy.ini,
3. Remove 4 lines of group names:


4. Run the "Generate Centrify recommended deployment structure" wizard using current script in Access Manager again.

Note:  In future release there will be enhancement for this.