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KB-7105: Ubuntu GUI issue after install

Authentication Service ,  

30 June,16 at 05:23 PM

Applies to:  

Centrify DirectControl Suite 2016.1 on Ubuntu 16.04 running LightDM


When installing Centrify DirectControl suite 2016.1 (CDC 5.3.1) on Ubuntu 16.04 using '' script the following errors may occur:

The system is running in low-graphics mode.  Your screen, graphics card, and input device settings could not be detected correctly...


Error executing /var/centrifydm/tmp/adjoin.cmd.1000.DC:5.3.1-398, OpenSSH:5.3.1-391 Login authentication for user 'sysadmin' successful.

When DirectControl is being installed, it will update the lightdm configuration at /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf file.  This is to allow inputting username in the login UI.  The edited file is wrong.  The "\n" in the file should be all line-end.  

Note: The file will be created if it does not exist. This only applies to Ubuntu 16.04 hosts running LightDM. The file will not be created if LightDM is not installed. (logic goes off of existence of LightDM configuration directory: /etc/lightdm)


Replace the "\n"s with line-ends in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.  


The issue will be fixed in the next release (Suite 2017).