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KB-7064: When UAC is Disabled on Windows 2012 R2 DZWin Client, the Centrify Start Menu is Not Available on Elevated Desktop

28 June,16 at 09:51 PM

Applies to:
Centrify Server Suite Direct Authorize for Windows 3.3.1

When the Group Policy Object is applied to Disable UAC on a windows 2012 R2 Client machine, and the user executes an elevated desktop, the Centrify Start Menu is not present. The Start Menu icon stays the same and is non-responsive. No applications are available unless they are on the desktop.
 User-added image
In some cases the UAC  must be disabled to allow service accounts to run without having to answer prompts for elevated privilege. If the GPO has UAC enabled then the Centrify Start Menu is present.

This issue is due to an internal code conflict between Centrify and Microsoft.
Run CentrifyStartMenu.exe in privilege desktop manually.

1) From Task Manager, check if the Process "Centrify Start Menu" is currently running.  If so, right click and pick "End Task"

2) The executable is C:\Program Files\Centrify\Centrify Windows Agent\CentrifyStartMenu.exe . This can be launched by either double clicking on the exe the Run window/Cmd prompt or double click the Exe from Windows Explorer or a shortcut on the desktop.

After work-around, the Start Menu will have the Centrify Logo and be fully functional:
User-added image
This will be resolved in a future release of Centrify Direct Authorize for Windows