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KB-7049:Create NIS maps through adedit

22 June,16 at 06:55 PM


How to create NIS map automount entries through adedit and specify its options? 


The basic flow of creating NIS maps and their entries as follows: 

  1. Bind to a DC.
  2. Select a zone.
  3. Create a new NIS map, if necessary. 
  4. Create map entries. 

For example, the following commands will create an automount NIS map with rw option. 

>bind dc01@always.sunny freynolds
freynolds@dc01@ALWAYS.SUNNY's password: 
>select_zone "CN=Paddy,CN=Zones,OU=Centrify,DC=always,DC=sunny"
>new_nis_map -automount auto.home
>add_map_entry_with_comment Charlie "-rw    iasip:/home/ckelly" "For Charlie"
{Charlie:1{-rw    iasip:/home/ckelly} {For Charlie}}